Summative Work & Formative Work

All grades will be reported in Infinite Campus. Both formative and summative scores are reported in Infinite Campus with the weights being:



Common Assessments

  • Common assessments will be created based on grade level/content area standards and used in all courses where more than one teacher teaches the course.

  • Teachers will practice grading common assessments together to establish interrater reliability to ensure consistent grading of common assessments.

  • Teachers may need to edit the common assessments based on skills taught that term; however, if editing a common assessment, it must be consistent across all teachers of the grade level or course.

Test corrections and/or retake opportunities should also be provided without penalty.

  • Students should be told which standards they passed and which they did not on the assessment.

  • Students should demonstrate action toward learning material before a retake is granted. For example, a student could make test corrections on the last assessment before retaking the assessment. Otherwise, the retake could lead to the same results.

  • Retakes should be a different test or assessment (of the parts that were missed), not the same test or assessment.

Grading Group Work

  • If the group work is summative, no group grade will be given to the whole group.

  • There must be an individual portion or individual after-product to include an accurate representation of each student’s individual knowledge and to reduce bias.

  • Group work can also be used as an ungraded learning activity or unweighted formative assessment instead of summative.

  • Extra credit will not be offered in any CSD classes or courses.

  • Students must learn and master standards, and all grading should be related to mastery of content standards.

  • Reteaching and retakes will be offered to attain the skill/mastery and improve the grade rather than providing unrelated extra credit opportunities.