NTIs and INC in determining final grades in CSD

  1. Zeroes indicate that a student has no content knowledge. It also punishes the student unfairly if factored into the final grade. Missing Assignments or assessments should be documented with an NTI that is calculated as a 0 so that the student/parent has an accurate picture of progress and denote that the student needs to complete the assessment urgently.

  2. To the extent possible, students should be given an opportunity to make up missed assignments (maximum 4-weeks) (formative and summative), particularly if the skill is directly related to future standards.

                1. Students should be given a reasonable amount of time to complete the assignment (maximum 4-weeks), For missing summatives, effort should be made and documented in the PLP.

                2. Counselors must meet with students who have been out of school for an extended period to make arrangements for all missing summative work to be completed.

                3. Clear written policies, boundaries, and parameters must exist in each grade level/course around retakes, including, how long a student has to complete a retake, and how many times a student can retake an assessment.

                  • The policies, boundaries, and parameters must be consistent across all teachers of the same grade band or content area.

                4. If the four weeks to complete an assessment has passed by the end of the grading period, the NTI will stand and will be calculated as a zero. If a student has not yet had 4 weeks to complete the missing assessment by the end of the grading period, an INC will be assigned for the grading period. The INC denotes that the student needs to complete the assessment urgently.

                5. As an exception to #4, all assignments in a course must be completed by the end of the school year or the end of the course.

                6. Courses with any NTIs that cause a student to get a grade below 3 at the end of the course or the end of year, will receive a failing grade for the course as calculated.

Behavioral Consequences in Grading

Behavioral Consequences will not be factored into a grade except in the case of academic honesty when an alternative assignment is not possible such as End of Course Exams, IB Assessments, etc (see academic honesty policy).